This morning at breakfast, my parents and I decided that the weather was too good to stay at home. We decided to do the hike we initially wanted to do next Wednesday, since the weather forecast s quite bad for the upcoming week.
2 hours later, we were in Kandersteg and started the hike up to the Oeschinensee, a beautiful lake which is surrounded by mountains. The 1h20 hike up was steep at times, but the scenery made everything up for it. Up at the Oeschinensee, we had a nice cheese and meat platter, and some nice white wine along with it.

We then walked a bit around the lake, where my mom at some point lost her beloved fleece jacket. Luckily I take more pictures than there are holes in a Swiss cheese, and so we were able to limit the search range and luckily found the precious piece again. After some great time and a lot of fresh air from the alps and a cool ride with the “Rodelbahn”, we took the telecabin back down to Kandersteg and went for dinner at Blausee, which is famous for its delicious trouts.