Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve is home to a number of cool animals, including the platypus. We got to meet them all…

30.12 The Woods Reserve where we camped last night should be renamed to Fly Reserve – never in my life have I seen so many flies, trying to get into any crevice there is in the human body. So we left the campgrounds quite quickly, and drove to Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve. The car day pass is very cheap (under 10$), and gives you access to a big park with very nice walks and lots of animals.

We started at a part of the reserve called Sanctuary, where there is a Platypus pond. Because it was very hot today (37 degrees), the platypuses weren’t very active, and we had to wait for quite some time until the first one made a few short appearances. As we walked back, we came across another pond, where we were more lucky and a platypus came quite close, which made for a better picture ­čśë

At lunchtime, we asked one of the friendly conservation volunteers of the reserve for a good place to have a picnic. They recommended a place called Rock Valley, where a burnt-down house provided some welcome shade. During lunch, Mario spotted two emus that were roaming the bushes for food. In the afternoon, we went on another walk where we spotted two wild koalas.
The mandatory visit of the souvenir shop of the reserve was followed by a 30 km drive to Canberra, where Natty, an ex lab-member and good friend from Simone’s lab, lives. There was a lot to catch up on, and we watched Crocodile Dundee while having a “barbie”.