A birthday present we offered a while ago brings us to Bouddi National Park.

I like giving presents to others; even more so if there is something in for me as well. Our birthday present for Stibe, was a camping weekend in Bouddi National Park. Stibe, for those of you who don’t know, is our dear Swiss friend who also lives in Sydney; he is the only guy from Zurich who admits that Bernese is the nicer Swiss accent, which I could not agree more;)

After a longer than expected drive (gotta love traffic in Sydney), we arrived at the Little Beach campground when night was already settling in. Informed by some people at the car park that the campground supposedly was double booked, the spot closest to the beach which Simone had booked over three months ago was already occupied. So we set our tents up even closer to the beach; probably the closest to the beach anyone has ever set up a tent. We had a bad surprise when we realized that the inflatable mattress we brought had a hole, and so Simone and I spent two nights on a natural mattress.

Besides some nice morning and evening photo sessions at Little Beach, the highlight of the trip was the Bouddi Coastal walk, which passes by some of the most spectacular sandstone formations I have seen so far in Australia, or anywhere in the world for that matter. But see for yourself…