The first long weekend trip of this year brought us to Port Stephens, where we spent a cozy weekend in German company.

David is in the write-up phase of his PhD; to get some writing distraction inspiration, the Germans went up to Port Stephens. Kind as they always are, they invited Anna and Ben with their beautiful baby Emma, as well as some Swiss neutrality in the form of Simone and myself, up to the mansion they were renting, where we spent a nice weekend with swimming, eating, chatting,

My highlight was a walk to the Point Stephens lighthouse, which is accessible via the Fingal Spit, a sandbank that is only above water at low tide. So a visit to the lighthouse has to be planned, not that you end up stranded on the little island. We decided to go there in the evening, and low tide lined up perfectly with the sunset. You have to take my word for it, but the pictures below are not exaggerated in terms of colours; it was truly spectacular.