The second part of the series brings us to the heart of the Great Ocean Road – the famous Twelve Apostles .

The second day of our trip was supposedly the last one where the sun would come out. So we were eager to get to see as many of the “attractions” the Great Ocean Road has to offer as we could. First stop was the Cape Otway lighthouse, which, as those of you who read the last blog entry will know, was closed the evening before. This time we had more luck, and 35$ (!!) lighter, we were on the other side of the gate. The positive side of the horrendous entry fee was that there were not many other people, and we had the lighthouse almost to ourselves, which was great. I even had time for a little physics experiment: While I was taking photos at the top of the lighthouse, the water bottle fell out, and dropped the 30 or so meters; I highly recommend this bottle, as it took the dent like a pro.

We then made our way to the famous Twelve Apostles. Between Cape Otway and Princetown, the road leaves the Ocean and winds through a beautiful Gumtree forest. Simone’s nose was stuck at the windscreen while she was on the lookout for Koalas; she spotted 7, which to me is very impressive, as I was averaging 100 km/h…

I have to say that I was not very fond of going to the Twelve Apostles, as I normally prefer to go to places that are less frequented. Of course we still went there, and fought our way through masses of selfie sticks and the like. Shooting against the afternoon sun was quite tricky, and we decided to come back for the sunset. In the meantime, we drove further west along the Great Ocean Road, and stopped at numerous scenic lookout points. My two favourites of the day were a rock formation called “Razorback”, and the more famous “London Bridge”.

While the sky looked promising 30 minutes before sunset, a layer of clouds above the horizon blocked what could have been a spectacle; nonetheless, I took a lot of photos, some of which turned out quite nicely. Thanks to Simone for her huge patience while I was firing off photo after photo – I hope the photos are to your satisfaction 😉