We went for a relaxing weekend to a farm in Jamberoo, where a baby goat kept us company.


With just a week left in Australia before heading to Europe for a month, we decided to go for a relaxing weekend to the Southern Highlands. As I was going through some Airbnb listings, a farm in Jamberoo caught my attention. It didn’t need much convincing to get Simone on board. The owners, a lovely retired couple, offered us a free night on Friday, and so we were headed south after work. We arrived quite late at the farm, and were already greeted by a couple of animals.

The next morning, after an excellent breakfast made from all the things that were in the fridge, Elly, the little baby goat, came by to say “hello”. During the day, this 6 week old cutiepie lives right in front of the hut we were staying at. I started reading a book from the bookshelf (which doubled as a secret door to the kitchen), and immediately got hooked. For lunch, we went to a nearby place called “Berry”, where Simone showed me “the world’s best pies” – I tend to agree ­čÖé

Back in Jamberoo, we enjoyed some time with the goats, sheep, chicken, lama’s – one of which goes by the name of Hobart – and guinea fowls. After dinner, we had a long chat with our hosts, who invited us for coffee on the next day. After a good night’s sleep and another big breakfast, we went up to the main house of the farm, where Judy made coffee and showed us her impressive collection of Andre Rieu DVDs. And then it was already time to say goodbye, but not before Judy gave us a dozen fresh farm eggs along with some “must-read” books… We will be back ­čÖé